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Brazilian percussion

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With the help of photos, music examples and a CD, this method shows how Brazilian rhythms and instruments are played correctly. The examples are first demonstrated slowly and then in the usual tempo and are also suitable for percussion ensemble.
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro
  • Chapter 2: Samba-reggae in Bahia
  • Chapter 3: Maracatu de Baque Virado in Pernambuco
  • Chapter 4: Rhythms for Atabaque
  • Chapter 5: Berimbau Rhythms (Toques)
  • Chapter 6: Rhythms from the Northeast
  • Chapter 7: Bumba-meu-boi in Maranháo
  • Chapter 8: Exercises for Coordination and Independence
  • Bibliopraphy
  • Discography

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