Klein Jacob

6 Sonaten op 2

Darmstadt Gerhart

Anzahl der Stimmen: 2
Schwierigkeit: Mittel
Besetzung:2 Violoncelli,

Verlagsnr.: CB 156

Artikelnummer: 4233901

EAN: 9790001115032

Kategorie: Violoncello

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These duets for cello by Jacob Klein, now published complete for the first time, are among the most beautiful duets of their kind from the Baroque. Their melodic and harmonic richness coupled with a dazzling and idiomatic technique places the sonatas (or better suites) firmly in the company of such works as Bach?s violoncello suites or Vivaldi?s sonatas. Our edition is based on the first edition published around 1720 by Rodgers in Amsterdam and follows the notational and editorial practice of the original as this seems helpful for an understanding of the musical structure and the appropriate performance practice. The insider tip for cello players!

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